It’s snowing sideways.
Heavy wind.
I’m high as shit
and I think that
I’m going to hit
a patch of ice and
lose control of the car,
and crash,
and die.
I see myself lying
over my steering wheel,
head through the
I think,
I wish it was
sunny and warm

31 responses to “Snowing”

  1. I see what the comment another blogger made in the immediacy of your poetry. Macabre, not the reality I want to create for me, but I can appreciate difference as for certain, that is Love’s response and I love you.

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  2. Don’t die Lou. I need something good to read on here.
    Get a Kryptonite Cappuccino at Starbucks in case Superman tries to attack you with his snow plow.
    In other words, everything is going to be alright.


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