I’m sitting
on the couch,
watching the same
TV show that I
watched yesterday,
and thinking about
what exactly I’m
doing with myself.
Binge watching shit?
It’s not even
good shit.
But everyone else
is watching it,
and sometimes it
feels weird
to not do
what everyone else
is doing,
so I keep watching.
It’s better than
doing something
that will
actually count
for anything.
It’s better than
trying to do
something and
failing and
with myself.
Then a commercial
comes on
and I know
every word.
At least I can
take pride
in that.

Published by lou rasmus

Lou Rasmus is an independent author from Chicago, IL. His works are largely focused on exploring the meaning of life – or lack thereof – while the themes of love, relationships, and self-loathing are also central to many of his stories. His upcoming novel, Primrose Isle, will be his third self-published title. Grapefruit Juice, a collection of bitter poems and short stories, and DEAD RED FISH, his semi-autobiographical debut novel about a young man coming to age on a road trip with his childhood friends, are also available on Amazon.

35 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Binged watched “Bosch” and loved every minute of it. Love Bosch. And super excited about another season to sit and whittle away a day. 🤣 Now, my only advise to you, and take it or leave it, is don’t make it a habit. As habits become intrinsic motivators and determine what we ultimately accomplish. Are we feeding our neighbor’s ego or filling up our soup bowl? Make sense? I will try and take my own advice… i know i always fail but once i emerge from this cocoon… watch out!!! 🤣🧡🕊

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  2. Hey Lou! Such an interesting post! I have found myself there sometimes too. Lucky for me I’ve become addicted to WP and now I’m either writing for my blog – productive, or reading and commenting on the posts of others – social, educational and inspiring! All better that binge watching shit! You might try Aerial America. Great series. You can visit all 50 states and more and learn all the great information and then you won’t ever have to visit in person. Think of all the time and money you will save.

    I have started looking at things differently now that my sexy year number is soon to turn into an Old Age milestone. It’s a quote I love, “What have you done today to make your dreams come true?” When I think about that it makes it so much easier to cut out things that don’t make me happier or move me toward my dreams.

    Thanks so much for following my blog!

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    1. thanks for the comment, Chuck.. sounds like youve narrowed it done and cut out the useless shit. keep it up. hopefully i can do the same… at least to some degree.

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  3. I’ve liked this poem, but I hate you for being so right. You liked my work but didn’t say why. I like your work but I hate the world for making your life or ideas or observations exist. What happened to the beautiful life we were al going to have Lou. Come on Lou get off the couch and discuss with me.

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    1. at some point it all just starts to seem pointless, i guess. and i dont feel like ive given up, but instead, ive embraced the pointlessness of everything.. but that’s just how my beautiful life is. i try not to speak for others. im happy you hate me for it though

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    1. thanks Joseph. its fucking addicting. i dont want to do it, but I end up doing it anyway…. so maybe i do want to do it I guess. maybe that’s my real conclusion

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      1. Yeah man. Hey I didn’t own a tv of my own until a few years ago. Now every room has a smart tv in it and they’re on even if I’m not in the room. Funny how that happens. I went from an acoustic guitar and a bongo and now I’m Mr. Digital who chills with a laptop and a remote in my hand. Sad…. Fat haha

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      2. shit. that’s how people live now… sad and fat haha. its just to easy to sit back and do nothing with the screens on. i think we all kinda love comfort.

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