I feel
I feel ants
my skin.
They come out
when I’m
and they
run over
my arms
where the veins
should be,
inside of me.
I can’t
sit still,
knowing that
they’re in there,
turning me
into a
ant hill.
I need to
I need a

40 responses to “Antsy”

  1. Excellent poem lou. Tubularsock know aspects of what you speak and has no judgment with people’s life adventures.

    But drinking Drano gets you where you are headed quicker than bottle by bottle.

    That is why Tubularsock suggests the Subline lyrics for a new direction:

    “I smoke two joints in the morning
    I smoke two joint at night
    I smoke two joint in the afternoon
    It makes me feel alright”

    BUT, to each their own and happy trails.
    Love your work. Very well executed and powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • first: thank you, im glad you enjoyed it. second: hahaha damn. i wasnt really thinking about jumping straight to the Drano, but thanks for the suggestion. third: fuck ya weed. definitely smoking dope between drinks… thanks for the comment Tubularsock

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This reminds me.
    I saw an ANT at my gym last night.
    Anyway… here’s the story.

    Ants can lift 6 times their own weight,
    so I guess that makes them the only true super-humans.

    Despite their tremendous, super-human strength,
    they are rude at the gym.

    They get their sweat all over the machines.
    They never put their weights back on the racks.
    They like to sit and text on their cell phones,
    when you are clearly waiting to work in on the machine.

    They also like to “hog” 2 machines by thinking that if
    they leave a shirt or other article on a machine, when they
    go to use another machine this somehow reserves the first
    machine for them?!

    When you just want one tiny sip at the drinking fountain,
    they pretend not to notice you as they fill their 2 liter
    water bottle.I’m pretty sure they are responsible for there
    always being at least one “out of order” sign up in the bathroom
    at all times and it taking a minimum of 3 days for anyone to
    do anything about it.

    They like to occupy the only squat rack in the facility
    and then do squats with no weight on the bar! I asked one
    to “spot” for me and when I dropped the weights
    I never saw him again!!

    Anyway, what were we talking about?
    Yeah, ants.

    Did you know they can lift 6 times their own weight?

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    • fucking ants, man. no respect. thank you for this story, though, i didn’t know that they could lift 6 times their weight


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