She breaks up with me
every night,
when she
is reminded
of that one time
I left right
after we had sex.
She thinks that
I’m going to
do it again,
even though
I only left
that one time
to go get
for both of us,
and then I came
right back.
She says she’s
still scared
So now we just
don’t drink

Published by lou rasmus

Lou Rasmus is an independent author from Chicago, IL. His works are largely focused on exploring the meaning of life – or lack thereof – while the themes of love, relationships, and self-loathing are also central to many of his stories. His upcoming novel, Primrose Isle, will be his third self-published title. Grapefruit Juice, a collection of bitter poems and short stories, and DEAD RED FISH, his semi-autobiographical debut novel about a young man coming to age on a road trip with his childhood friends, are also available on Amazon.

77 thoughts on “Coffee

      1. Not sir, I’m a Priest, I talk directly to GOD, have some respect will you, by the way between you and me and God do you prefer doggy style or other like….. that’s between me and God

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      2. Hey, in my early years I had the girl, acutally a bit…hx, since I was in a relationship kind of wrong, so it was 6 to 8 fkucking her and ejaculating so amazing i n one day, and then she went off to do her things, imagine what those things were. But that was long time ago, and at age 35, fuck I’m old… anyways so at my age now I look back and regret every minute, since it was jus not the fucking thing, a lot was in my mind to stay alive, eaat, have a room over my head and so on and so forth, but i eventullly came out.

        And I though I was writing a novel……

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  1. Thanks for sharing that nice intimate moment. But wait! The emotional blackmail will grow larger and become insidious until you are her complete slave! Trust me on this my degenerate friend…

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      1. Death by a thousand cuts. Women start with one small, insignificant request…then it grows and grows until your entire life is controlled, owned, caged. Ask any older man who’s been married or is married. It is insidious. So drink up before she consumes you!

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  2. Loved this piece! Your post cracked me up but is a little scary too. Sort of like a Hitchcock or Stephen King plot?? Did she have a rational answer for this response? Maybe some of the suggestions from above or something like JOLT? Ha!

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