Good Morning

There’s a dance studio below my apartment – DUHMPH DUMPH DUMPH DUMPH! There it goes right now. The stomping and stamping and DUHMPH DUHMPH DUHMPHing of a hundred feet all at once. There’s supposed to be a rhythm to it, but I can’t make one out. Not clearly, at least. It’s just a bunch of noise, and I’m still trying to sleep. I look at the clock. It’s only eight in the fucking morning. Ruthless bastards, don’t they know that it’s rude to dance this early? Don’t they have any goddamned deceny? DUHMPH DUHMPH DUHMPH DUHMPH! I turn over and try to block it out. I pull the pillow over my head. I pull the pillow over and I pull the sheets up. Anything to shut them up. But it’s not enough. Nothing’s enough. The drumming of feet won’t stop, and it won’t stop, and it won’t stop. I’m helpless. I’m at the mercy of the feet. “Fuuuck,” I moan, and I get up to make some coffee.

30 responses to “Good Morning”

  1. You ought to join them, dude. For real. What’s that saying, “If you can’t beat em, join em.” Especially dancing. That’s a really amazing activity. I love to dance!

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  2. Hi there Lou… I wouldn’t want to look like those Carebear-see-the-positive-in-every-situation people, but, at least the studio is downstairs, right? 😉 (just pulling your leg… have a great, hmmm good, ugh… have a day! 🙂 )

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  3. You always provide a good early read Lou.
    I would suggest you get out of bed, walk down there naked, and confront them about the noise.
    This should clear things up or at least you’ll make some new friends.
    (I’m presuming as it is a dance class it’s mostly women.)

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  4. A slew of years ago I lived in an appartment above a clothing store and every morning they would play Believe by Cher at 10am at full blast. And people wonder why some people use drugs? H

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