Dog Park

I went to the
dog park
with my
cat in my coat,
beause I wanted
her to see
that the world
is bigger
than the
bare walls
of my home,
and that there’s
more to life
than eating the
shitty food
in her
food bowl.
Maybe I needed
to see it

29 responses to “Dog Park”

  1. Great way to cause so exciting commotion to laugh about later when you’re stoned! LOL! The cat could scratch your face badly once she hears those dogs parking and tries to escape…then the fun would be just begin!

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  2. For whatever reason, I immediately imagined you walking briskly, hunched over, smuggling a cat down the street while wearing only a trench coat and boots.
    You could walk up to strangers and flash them your kitty! Hahah jk

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