What’s a poem,
when a picture
can speak
without a single
What’s a writer,
but only a
sort-of artist.
A phony.
A fake.
A lazy
I’m ok with that.
I’ve been called

47 responses to “Hack”

      • What do you believe? If you want my opinion, I know for certain that while what you believe makes your experience, it’s more a matter of feeling or vibration for what you create. If you truly feel pain, and are affirming pain, then that is your art, painful. If you are simply expressing words while feeling peaceful or neutral, then you are acting, which too is art. Nothing was ever as it is, nor is it otherwise.

        Life is your artwork. Is your art judgemental? That causes pain. Is it kind and loving? That engenders pleasure. What do you choose? Our art is what we choose it to be.

        How do you define these words? Lazy, artist, fake, authentic, soft, kind, loving, hack, patience, learning?

        I see a fake artist as someone who is judging their learning process. I see a lazy writer as someone who could do more but doesn’t quite do that yet. I see a hack as someone who might want to choose to believe they are prolific and amazing.

        What you think you become. Believe it and so it shall be.

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      • wow.. i feel that. couldn’t agree more. i believe in doing something real, its just that i often fight with self doubt… which tells me that im a hack. its up to the readers to decide if its good or not, i guess

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  1. My opinion is that doubt exists and may exist for eternity as a thought form or vibrational field in the mind. My opinion is that doubt is a disguise of fear. Try not to fight with doubt. When it ceases to be interesting to you, you will stop looking at it, and also stop being angry at it. Curious, eh? Don’t fight with doubt lest your beautiful creations, both with explicit lyrics and gentle ones, won’t be revealed to people that so want to receive you and them.

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  2. If Shakespeare were alive today he’d be 454 years old… which is pretty old. If he could “read” I’d direct him to this blog. Then maybe he could write something I could understand without the Cliff Notes. This poem in its simplicity… is honest. You’re no hack Lou.

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  3. Great poem! I don’t understand why you’d feel like a “hack” when your trademark is authenticity. If the price you’re paying for authenticity is self-doubt, then I think it’s worth it.

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  4. I’ve had similar, inner-dialogues about being a “writer”. My friend yesterday proclaimed to a group of people that I was indeed a writer. I cringed in embarrassment feeling like a hack myself. You have a voice and a style that’s all your own. It’s enviable and makes me think you are not a “hack”.

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  5. … then again, if you think you are a hack, then be the best hack you can be. Then, you may find the place you have a choice. All life’s a stage. Take off the masks from time to time.

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