Drink and Smoke and Fuck

Nothing going on
More snow.
Ten below.
Got drunk for breakfast,
then wrote a script for a video
that I want to make
with my brother,
hated it,
wrote another,
Then I froze
my fingers
trying to light
my pipe with an old
lighter that doesn’t
really work anymore.
Went to the store,
bought a new one,
then came home to
Allison, my dear,
and fucked till
I got thirsty,
grabbed a beer,
and got drunk again.
Not shit going on
really, not
just a
and a smoke
and a fuck.

25 responses to “Drink and Smoke and Fuck”

  1. *friendly (sot of) tip*
    if you hit the lighter on a hard surface, then push down on the igniting part with one thumb and then rotate the flinty thing with the other, you can sometimes … just sometimes, get a spark and thusly a flame 🙂

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