Crude and Fire

Crude and Fire

My body is crude
but her body is fire,
and every time we
lie together we
ignite like a
Breathing each other’s
I think that’s love.

45 responses to “Crude and Fire”

    • I see your invitation and love it. I also see Lou’s interest in impurity and god I love that too! I am just so excited about the future as I love everyone’s choices. I must admit I have no clue what is purity. I know what fear is. I know what love is. I know that I know nothing, and dying to everything about life I am reborn as a loving human being. I know this too. I am reminded of Spirits invitation to me to give away all my possessions save 1 bag. That was a way of dying to my life. On that occasion I felt pure. On other occasions too, after ceremony, meditation, sleeping, and exercising too. What is purity? What is virtue? Virtue leads to purity as the fire burns away the attachments. So much is certain. Love is the fire. Right Action is the fire. I know nothing. I live as if I were dead. And then desire is the next object of discovery. I desire nothing, only to serve The Wind-Spirit.

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