Cleaning Shit / New Year

Someone shit on the floor in the bathroom where I work. Seriously. Someone shit on the fucking floor. And it’s my job to clean it up. Fuck. This isn’t worth minimum wage, I think. But then I clean it up anyway. I wear gloves but it still makes me feel like I need a hot shower. Need to wash everything. All of me. Because feeling dirty really brings out my OCD. I get stressed just thinking about having to drive home in my car without showering first. I feel like my hands are still covered in shit. I feel sick. But I suck it up and I finish my shift. Then I drive home in my car without showering first. And, finally, I clean myself off. I change into some fresh clothes. And I sit down at my desk. I take a breath. Then I tell myself that I’m going to quit that shitty job. This year I’m really going to do it. I tell myself that I’m going to finish my book, too. This year. This is the year that it will really happen for me. I tell myself it will. Only, I know that it probably won’t. Fuck a new year. It’s all the same shit.

Published by lou rasmus

Lou Rasmus is an independent author from Chicago, IL. His works are largely focused on exploring the meaning of life โ€“ or lack thereof โ€“ while the themes of love, relationships, and self-loathing are also central to many of his stories. His upcoming novel, Primrose Isle, will be his third self-published title. Grapefruit Juice, a collection of bitter poems and short stories, and DEAD RED FISH, his semi-autobiographical debut novel about a young man coming to age on a road trip with his childhood friends, are also available on Amazon.

44 thoughts on “Cleaning Shit / New Year

  1. “And I sit down at my desk. I take a breath. Then I tell myself that Iโ€™m going to quit that shitty job. This year Iโ€™m really going to do it. I tell myself that Iโ€™m going to finish my book, too. This year.”

    I know I don’t know you, haven’t been following you long, but I am rooting for you. Sometimes we need someone crapping on the floor to make us realise what needs to change. This is not profound, it’s just the truth. X

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  2. Hmm the old pooper scooper jobs … sincerest commiserations!
    And Happy ‘same shit, different year’ New Years to you … I do hope you write a book though: I’d read that ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. thank you and same to you… and i am working on my first novel now, i hope to have it done in a few months … give or take a few months haha

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  3. I feel your pain! As a first aider at work we are the only ones who are allowed to clean up ‘bodily fluids’. Recently a bloke shit himself and managed to get to the gents to take his pants off, he must have stood in his own crap as it was every where, it took me 2 hours to fully deep clean on my own, I really don’t know how I stopped myself from throwing up.

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  4. I never could understand celebrating a new year. All I can hope is that this year will be better than last year. I’ve quit a few jobs. That can be a good thing. I’ll pray for you to find a better one.

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  5. A post about shit didn’t feel like shit. It was still good. So, just as you did, clean the filth up in your life, and write that book. All the best!

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  6. That’s abut as real as life gets right there.
    humbling comes to mind.
    i do like the idea of publishing, i would totally back that.

    i’ve actually been thinking about stealing one of those “free” magazine paper boxes with a lift lid,printing a bunch of poetry with a blog site link,write “free poetry” on the side with spray paint,and drop it off in the middle of the most populated area i can find.

    …..i’ve already been scoping paper boxes lol

    well penned piece

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