Among the Stars

I can remember
sitting in the
back seat of my
parents’ car
as a kid,
coming home from
my grandparents’ house,
or back from dinner.
I can remember
looking through
the window at
the stars, or
looking at my
own reflection
in the glass,
and I can remember
not really thinking
much of it.
I didn’t question
who I was, or
wonder about my place
in the universe.
I just looked and
sat quietly until
we got home.

Sometimes I wish
it was all still
like that.

30 responses to “Among the Stars”

  1. When I think about my childhood, I had the some outlook. Not thinking of where I would be in 10-20 years. I looked at the world so innocently and naive. I too would love to still feel that way!

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  2. I remember when I was six, I stood by the tracks staring at a freight train wishing I could hop on it and go far, far away from my home and school. When I was in the back seat of my parents car, and we were driving by a place with pretty trees, I would spit out the window small pieces of gum and pretend they were people who were going to make their home there in the beautiful trees. I don’t remember having a mind that wasn’t trying to work things out. Lol

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