I’m looking in the mirror
but I can’t see straight.
My teeth are stained
red from all the wine
that I’ve been drinking,
and there’s a vein
protruding from my
forehead, splitting my face
in half.
Veins everywhere, really.
I’m so dehydrated.
So fucked up.
So both.

16 responses to “Wine”

  1. Pounding Mike’s Harder Cider 8% alcohol 24oz as we speak. Please excuse me… I need to make a trip to local liquor store to pick up beverage container number 5. Then I will be in my Friday night mood for fighting. Let’s see how that goes. Further updates possible if not in jail. In the meantime, enjoy this song about “labias”…cheers…some mother-fucker from India threatened to shut me down and publicly me shame me if I did not curtail and restrain my vulgarity… really…really…really… I have not even got started on WP. Let me show him something from the “porn” sites I write for… Anyway…enjoy some “labia” music…I always do. Cheers.

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