Check It Out

Check It Out

i had my short story “A Bad Night with Good Friends” featured in the Manic Raven Press short story anthology Twisted. its about doing drugs and ending up where you dont want to end up. basically. id love for you to check it out and let me know what you think of it. or not, its your life. 

read it on Kindle now: 

thanks to Manic Raven Press for featuring me. and thank you for putting up with this self plug.

37 responses to “Check It Out”

  1. Just read it! Sounds like an interesting evening with friends! Well written and congratulations. Always look forward to your writing!:)

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  2. I just read the story.absolutely brilliant.the end:I didn’t see it comment no at all😎and crunch crunch crunch kept me jumping on my chair and created the perfect unsettling feeling.share it on instagram…..advertise 😉

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