My bookmark is
a coaster,
because I don’t read
without a drink,
so I keep it between
the pages,
that way I don’t
have to think…
Ha, what a shitty
little rhyme.
I read at night,
I drink at night,
and this way,
I always have
a coaster ready, too.
The only funny part
is that I don’t need
to use the coaster
in the first place.
My furniture is
pretty shitty,
and whether it
has moisture rings
on it or not,
it’s still going
to be pretty shitty.
Maybe that’s the

13 responses to “Bookmark”

    1. haha thank you


      1. im happy to hear that. cheers


  1. I drink while I blog but one day I’ll have to pay…I’ll need to edit sober!

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    1. nah just let it come out as it is

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  2. A paper towel used to be a bachelor’s coaster, but that was back in the seventies.

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    1. still holds up

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  3. I smoke when I read with a little coffee. Gave up drinking. But you have a great sense of humour and a unique style Lou.

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    1. smoking and coffee are both good alternatives, but i do prefer a drink. haha. thanks for the comment, Nitin

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  4. Haha.. just made my day.. True that i think better when i drink..!!

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  5. cant think without a drink haha

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