I have lotion in the
wrinkles of my skin,
hoping that I don’t crack
from the weather,
I mean
the pressure
of these stressors
that control my life,
like worrying about
if I’m doing enough
with myself,
or if I’m ever going
to finish my book,
fuck it.
There’s not enough
Lubriderm in the world
to heal those

10 responses to “Lotion”

  1. Fear not, my degenerate friend: if you are enjoying the process of your poetry, your writing, your drinking and your pussy hunting, then your life has more purpose than most. ‘Tis not the end result that matters , but the journey,

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    1. haha i always enjoy your comments, George.. and i think you may be right. thanks for reading

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  2. I know what you’re going through. This piece describes some of my worst fears lol Cheers!

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    1. cheers to you as well, mr/ms stripsearch haha

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  3. Awesome. This is great, Lou.

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    1. thats kind. thank you

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  4. I love the profundity of this!

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    1. thank you

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