Isn’t it funny,
that no one ever has to
take a shit in the movies.
The actors and actresses,
they enter every scene
and ready to make love.
I’ve never seen that
in my life.
I take a shit when I get home
from a long day of work,
or after having a fine dinner,
or a few drinks.
I’ve never just been ready to go
as soon as I get home.
Neither has she.
And at the same time,
I don’t think that anyone needs a
movie where everyone is shitting
the whole time.
In fact, I’m sure that most people
prefer movies the way that they are,
with no shitting at all.
And that’s funny too.
It’s funny that people want to
pretend that we don’t shit,
or get sick,
or ever have a fit about the way
that our bosses treat us.
I guess ignorance really is
Keep the blinders on people.

22 responses to “Hollywood”

  1. Hey man. I mean the post is terrific, and I read it earlier, but I might need to warn you about something. So I was talking to my girl, and I lay down on my pillow but the WP app was on, and some weird stuff got typed in without my knowledge. Now you liked it, but there is a robot or someone dangerous (worse than what these idiots say about our work). I’m glad I posted it by mistake though because I checked the stats and it shows a weird link which I’d rather not talk about. And this thing comments, but strangely contradicts itself or makes no sense. Do not click on the link and trash the comments, if it’s here.

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    • well thanks for the warning.. i actually think i liked your post on accident before i saw that it was a mistake. i didnt click on any link tho so i think im ok. thanks for the warning

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