She says that she will block
my number
if I don’t leave her
She says that I’ve already
hurt her too much,
and that she doesn’t want
to see the poems that I write
about her;
it’s not fun
like it used to be.
But I’m selfish.
And I keep texting her.
And I pull her back in and
talk to her about the silly
little things that we used to
talk about before
I hurt her.
Like how I think college is stupid,
and gym selfies look desperate,
and Buffalo Wild Wings is
too expensive.
She puts up with it for
a little while.
Until I start saying that
I’m still sorry for all of
those things that I did,
and that I hope one day
I can fix it
Then she says that she’s going to block
my number.
She says that she can’t handle this.
So I say that I’ll stop.
I say that I’m done.
I’ll leave her alone.
I don’t want to hurt her anymore.
But she never texts back.

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