The Musician

The Musician

Give me a spotlight
and donate applause,
because these songs
that I sing are about all
the love that I’ve lost.
And I know that you
think it’s just chords
and melodies, but it’s
more like an escape from
hell for me.
It’s more like therapy.
So please stay,
and drink,
and let me play you one more,
because I can’t go back
home to where I have to
sit in my sores.
Just clap for me,
and make me feel like
I’m not so fucking alone.

18 responses to “The Musician”

  1. Puts me in mind of a bartender I knew. Unhappy, broken marriage, alone…was a star behind the bar-in the light; in the middle of the show. He’d keep us there till dawn just to not have to go home.

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  2. No, my new friend (“It’s a pleasure to meet you.”), you are not alone. Having read a few of your poems, I can see that you’ve got a hook into the pain that loving brings. You get it. You know what it’s like to feel left behind and to wonder how to find the way out of the darkness. Just don’t ever lose hope. You are very talented. That shows clearly in your words. Best to you, and thank you for following me. C.


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