Winter Days

The dog is sleeping on the bed,
and the cat is sleeping on the floor,
and I’m sitting at my desk
watching the snow fall quietly outside.
It’s beautiful,
and still,
and I feel comfortable right now.
I feel more comfortable than I
have felt in a long time.
But I still know that
I need to write something.
Whether I’m comfortable or not,
I still need a story.
Or an idea.
Or anything.
Ehh, I think,
or maybe I’ll just watch the snow fall.
Because it is kind of pretty,
and I really wouldn’t mind if
I got nothing done.

22 responses to “Winter Days”

  1. I love watching the snow fall. Nothing else quite matters as I sit and stare.

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    1. beautifully said. as always, i appreciate your comment

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  2. Sitting and staring at snow falling….I wouldn’t say you have done nothing….you have pampered your soul❄️

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  3. …. Just being content. Nothing wrong with that.

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  4. I find myself thinking the very same thing whenever I lie to myself about writing.

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    1. maybe we’re all one in the same

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  5. This is one of your best – wonderful!

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    1. that is nice of you. thanks

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  6. Lovely, and look-y here, you did write something!

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  7. Fuck. This is nice. I mean it. Whiskey cheers.

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    1. and cheers to you, too. thanks for reading


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