Big Cities

Yesterday I went to a dinky little diner, and I had a greasy little breakfast, and I talked to this old little racist man about how dangerous big cities are:

“There’s so much crime,” he said.

“I know,” I said back.

“There’s just so many gangs,” he said.

“I know,” I said again, and I started eating my greasy little breakfast a little bit quicker. But I couldn’t finish it fast enough. I couldn’t finish it before he told me a story about this one time when he was working in a city, on some odd job or another, and he was approached by a gang member. I stopped him. “How did you know it was a gang member?”

“Well he had all these tattoos on his face, so…”

So obviously it was a gang member. Then he went on to tell me that he put his gun to the gangsters head, and threatened to pull the trigger if he didn’t leave him alone.

I said, “wow,” even though I couldn’t help but think that this old little racist man was just being racist.

“So just stay out of those cities,” he said. “They’re not safe.”

“I know,” I said. Then I finished my breakfast. Finished my coffee. Paid. And I left the dinky little diner to find a tattoo parlor where I could get a face tattoo. Fucking old little racist man.

20 responses to “Big Cities”

  1. Laughing my fucking face off at the ending of this piece. Great shit here.

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    1. haha thank you, man


    1. haha thank you

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  2. Stay away from that Fucking old little racist man.

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    1. but i like the diner…

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  3. I had no idea gang members could be intimitated so easily. Ha ha!

    Of course if you have many tattoos, you’re a gang member. You have many piercings? You are a junkie. You wear black? You are an anarchist and a threat to shopping malls. Stupidity all around the planet.

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    1. people are funny

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  4. Goes to show that racists know how to brag about power-sort of like armchair fishermen.

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    1. exactly. thanks for reading

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  5. Haha. Awesome. Some people are just ignorant as F@#&!

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    1. fuckers

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  6. There’s a message in there somewhere Lol !

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  7. Haha! Awesome! You go show that little racist man 😀

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    1. right on

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  8. ya this one was positive


  9. my comment fell below… but yes, there’s a good moral to this one


  10. Racist pricks boil my piss.

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    1. hahah … yup


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