Post It

Post It

We live today,
In selfies and
Six second clips.
We yearn for likes
And retweets
And shit.
It’s a weird world,
But it’s still the
World nonetheless.
So post what you can,
Or be left for dead.

11 responses to “Post It”

  1. I guess you’re right in some sense. I’m getting tired of it though. Because when I tried doing it nobody gave a fuck, but now that I don’t care people read!

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    • but thats it. no one gives a shit either way. people are too concerned with themselves. but to not post at all is to be dead, in a sense, so we post anyway. because its better to be alive and ignored than dead and forgotten altogether. maybe.

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  2. There’s something here…I grew up among guys who would pontificate in bars and clubs entertaining their peers between shifts. Lives were horribly intertwined dramas. For better or worse, no one was alone. Now that crew is all dead, there are no shifts and the peers exist only inside machines. I remember carrying on conversations walking down a street with a pack of guys only stopping when someone, usually me, would get hit by a car or chased by the cops. Couldn’t run now on a bet.

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