Honest Sex

We kissed last night.
It was our first.
I didn’t think she
Was going to let me
But it was worth
Giving it a try.
Just when she leaned
Back into me I was
Caught by surprise,
And I almost missed.
How embarrassing that
Would have been.
But I didn’t, because
I’m Lou, the sex-driven,
Degenerate writer
Who eats pussy and
Fucks girls just the
Way that they need
To be fucked.
So I unbuttoned her
Shirt and I pulled
Off her pants, and
I pushed into her
Until I busted my nut.
It didn’t last long
But I pumped until I
Ran out of breath.
I tried.
I just don’t think that
She was really impressed.

Maybe I’m a phony.

19 responses to “Honest Sex”

      • Aren’t we ALL a bit selfish when we fuck, Lou? It feels good. It’s fun. And we each want to get off in the best possible, personal, way…. so it’s a bit selfish. Just best to find someone whose selfish needs match up to your own so you’re both utterly satisfied with plenty of good fucking. That’s my theory anyway.

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  1. I do love how honest you are. As I read that, I am thinking that yup, that is really how it is. We all want it to be the way it is in the videos, last long, long time. But in fact it is only a short time. For me it is really a night and day emotion before to after I climax. I prefer tons of foreplay, giving oral, receiving even cuming before so the intercourse climax will be longer lasting. After all these years I have tried to make it a science.
    Maybe I should write a book.

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