Vacation, Pt. 2

So I finally
Took that
Vacation that
I was saying I
Needed to take.
The one to
Get away from
All of the
Tap-tapping rain
And the worries
In my brain.
Finally, I got
My escape.
And, truthfully,
Now that I’ve
Had my time and
Gotten my space,
I still don’t
Feel that great,
And I still can’t
Stop worrying
About every little
Goddamned thing,
And wondering
What would have
Happened if
Everything would
Have just stayed
The same as it
Was back when
I didn’t even know
That I could feel
This way.
Maybe I will just
Always feel insane,
Who knows.

Vacation (part 1)

4 responses to “Vacation, Pt. 2”

  1. Very relatable “maybe I’ll just always feel insane”

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  2. seems possible haha


  3. Trouble with going away is either (a) the shit follows you or (b) it’s waiting for you when you get home. Can’t win!

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    1. haha exactly

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