Tight Shorts

I love the girls
In the tight shorts,
With their assess
Wrapped up in
Just enough spandex
To cover that
Soft spot between
Their legs. I love
The girls who wear
As little as
Possible, but
Still just enough
To get me guessing
What color their
Panties are,
Just enough to
Keep me thinking
About the golden
Treasure between
Those perfect cheeks.
I don’t know why
I still look.
I know what’s there.
I know that
There’s no treasure.
I know it’s just
A little hole.
But I keep
Looking anyway.
I love those
Tight shorts.

7 responses to “Tight Shorts”

  1. Funny
    It’s just a little hole

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    1. or is it something else?


    1. i do too

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      1. exactly

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