I still use the mug
That she got me for
My birthday last year.
I know that I
Probably shouldn’t,
But I do anyways.
I probably shouldn’t
Still wear the watch
That she got me either,
Or use the toothbrush
That she left here,
But I just haven’t got
Around to throwing
These things out.
Well, that, and I
Might still love her
And want her back
And secretly hope that
If I keep her things
She may one day 
Come back for them
And then want to
Have me back, too.

6 responses to “Desperate”

    1. thank you


  1. A Thankful widow and Daughters Avatar
    A Thankful widow and Daughters

    I feel this! Love is the best and the worst sometimes. I really think that the good outweighs the bad. Would it be the same if she came back for the things she realizes she wants? Nice poem!:)

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    1. yea who knows, it is the light and the dark and all the in between shit too. thanks for reading

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  2. justonestoryteller Avatar

    Anything is possible lol

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