I’ve been spreading
Myself too thin,
Like a peanut butter
Sandwich that doesn’t
Even have enough
Fucking peanut butter
On it.
And I’m always tired,


So fucking tired.

But I’ve been trying
To not sleep, so that
Maybe I can at least
Get one thing done,
But it’s still not enough.
Because I still haven’t had
Time to clean the cat’s
Litter box, or eat a salad,
Or had enough time to stop
Smoking so many cigarettes.
Really, I don’t even have
Enough time to fi

10 responses to “Time”

    1. thank you

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    1. thank you


  1. Yeh, you put a pretty sweet fucking ending on that.

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  2. thank you


    1. thanks


  3. Eating salad is very time consuming by the time you cut up all the bits and put everything back in the fridge and thinly buttered peanut butter is just oily bread. I find these lines are enjoyable I can probably even cut and paste them into my conversations when I am trying to sound slightly intelligent. And the sex ones about titties and stuff they are very matter of fact.

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    1. thank you for the comment. it is kind of you to read these


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