City Dreams

She lived
Her whole
Life in
The city.
She lived
Where the
Most life
Was, where
The most
Things were
Happening, just
Hoping that
One day,
She would
Be apart
Of it.
Hoping that
One day,
She would
Be what
Is happening,
Thinking that
One day,
She’d be
The life
That everyone
Else would
Flock to.
She hoped
And she
Thought this,
All her
Life through,
Everyday, until
One day
She died,
Having never
Been apart
Of any
Of it.

4 responses to “City Dreams”

  1. This really speaks to me, craving toned-down country life like the places of my growing up. Thanks for writing and sharing.

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    1. and thank you for reading. happy you enjoyed it


  2. This is a very good poem, and will make a very good short story (and you can write great short stories). Hell, it might even make a great novel. I read about how people tear you apart in one of your previous poems because your writing is raw. In one sense, I think it’s a good thing. I’ve been there (and it made me angry then) but looking back, I think it helped me realize that if you want to write, there is a cruel world waiting to hack you into pieces. Some people don’t even read and simply bash.

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  3. thank you. and you’re right. if you’re putting anything out you have to be ready for backlash

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