I like listening
To the radio,
It always plays
Something upbeat,
Something souless
That I can hear
On repeat,
Something loud
That makes me
Stomp my feet.
I like the radio,
Because it gives
Me a brief moment
To stop thinking
About wanting to
Fucking kill myself.

6 responses to “Radio”

  1. Always a pleasure to read a post of yours. I like this one lol.


    1. thank you

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  2. I like that you write and vent that stuff. I like radio too. I like Lou. I will die without you and my DG poetry fix. A raw but real narration on the human condition. Will you feel better if you change the last line around a bit and put the first word last?

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    1. And how about my previous dm suggestion. It will be fun.


  3. Radio is a good way to relax. Maybe you should do it more often (avoid the commercials though). 😀

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    1. i listen when i can… thanks for reading

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