Eyes blink open,
Not sure if it’s
Morning or if it’s
And it smells
Like you, like
You might still
Be here, on the
Other side of
The bed under
The covers.
But you’re not.
I know that
You’re not.
Because I know
That you’re afraid
To spend the night,
And that you’re
Afraid of getting
Too close.
And, of course I
Know that it
Can’t be yesteday,
Can it?
It must be today.
I just can’t
Rememeber yesterday.
I must have been
More drunk than I
Thought, from
Morning to night.
Oh well, I think,
That’s alright.
So I make a Bloody
Mary, and I start
At it again.

9 responses to “Hungover”

    1. thank you

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  1. Lou, what’s gotten into you. No degenerate worth his degeneracy sounds like a love sick, love-lorn, loveless, Lou. Whether in fact or in fiction. Maturity is taking over now. Prayers. Jesus saves Lou – rescue is on the way.

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    1. only my lord and savior can help me now… Hahaha

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    2. There Lou – I got you some nice things from my birth country to cure that hangover.
      And I got you a nice place to spend some cool holiday time so you can detox from maybe toxic loves that cause addictive wretchedness. Lmk

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      1. very kind, but you know i’ll be fine

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  2. And this has happened to me too many times

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    1. happens to the best (worst) of us

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