Going to Hell

this is an old poem of mine that i found in my notebook earlier, it was one of my firsts:

Going to Hell

Quit your day job,
Quit your life.
Do what’s right,
Do what feels nice.
Indulge in the weird,
Escape from the fear.
O.D. on crack,
Smack a hooker’s ass.
Do what you want,
Cause we’re all
Going to hell.
Give up on normal,
We’re all hormonal.
Listen to your instincts,
Pick up a cold drink,
Don’t let yourself think,
Cause we’re all
Going to hell.

…it cheers me up to read my old stuff, hopefully it cheers you up too.

2 responses to “Going to Hell”

  1. I was going to say
    Go to hell, Lou
    but I was not sure
    if that would cheer
    or depress you
    so I didn’t say it.

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    1. haha how sweet of you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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