Sin & Weak

Her name was Sin, his name was Weak. It was a Friday night, one on the Thirteenth. She was out with some friends, he was out with his demons. Face them, he thought, confront Temptation and resist her. And he was doing good. That is, until Sin walked in, all pretty and pale and thin. Resist, Weak thought, resist. But he couldn’t divert his eyes. No, not from her rep lips or her delicious thighs. Her entire aura was made of desire. And Weak, oh he tried to be strong – he really really did! – but when Sin called his name, he couldn’t hold on. Eventually that night, Sin made him do wrong.

7 responses to “Sin & Weak”

  1. thank you


    1. thank you

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    1. thank you

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  2. This poem is exciting. She seems like my type of girl. lol

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