Asleep at the Wheel

There’s a car at
The top of a hill,
Speeding towards
An intersection
Where the light
Just turned yellow
And then going
Even faster still,
Like it’s on a
Mission to kill,
Like it’s a metal
Bullet made for evil.
Then the light turns red,
And other cars start passing
Through the intersection…
This car is going to fucking crash,
It’s going to happen, just like that,
And then my eyes open,
And I slam on the brakes,
“Shit!” I shout, but
I’m already too late.

5 responses to “Asleep at the Wheel”

  1. This is real? Hope you’re ok and will rest today.

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  2. can’t say if its real or fake.. that takes the fun out of it

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  3. Ah well Lou. Hope you did not just give away a free meal ticket for life and bring on eternal court dates and wretchedness for yourself.

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    1. Lou, this convo is happening near me and thought I’d share. Girl says she told her guy after they had a downhill car crash accident that she was swollen up because of his recklessness, knowing it was not true. Her ploy got him to drop caution & her what she wanted.

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      1. hmmmm! thanks for sharing

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