Sweating.. Sweating.. Sweating in my armpits and my forehead and a little down my back. It’s all sweat. It’s all fear. I can’t breathe, and I’m cold in my fingertips and on the head of my cock. Maybe it’s just nervousness. Fear and nervousness? Where do you draw the line? Either way it shows in sweat. More sweat, more fear. More sweat, more nerves. That’s how I’ve always measured it. But isn’t that ok? Isn’t it human to be fearful? And isn’t it human to be nervous? I think so, but then again I can’t really be sure. I can’t really be sure of anything to be fair. Well, other than being sure that I am sweating like I have never sweat before. I’m pretty sure of that. But why? Why am I sweating so much? And how long has this been going on? I can’t remember when it started. I can’t remember much of anything, actually. It’s all blurry and confused and sort of melted into one stream of things that have happened – that’s how it seems, like it all just happened – but there’s no order or separation between the things. It’s all just sweat. 

6 responses to “Sweat”

  1. I kind of felt this way last night. For myself, I smoked a bowl and drew artwork until I passed out into a nice long sleep.

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    1. sounds like you handled the situation perfectly

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  2. Poor Lou. Hope you’re recovered. Sounds like somebody’s not doing their job. Fire the fake nurse.

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    1. haha oh ya shes gone. feeling great

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      1. Awesome!

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