A Thought I Had

I think that
If everybody
Always had to
Be completely
Naked, there
Would be a lot
Less racism…
But also a lot
More rape…
And I dont
Really know
What to make
Of all that.

5 responses to “A Thought I Had”

  1. I don’t know. When everyone is naked, it doesn’t take long to not notice the nakedness and you start seeing others for who they really are. It becomes less sexual and more natural. Really quite quickly. I speak from experience. Nudism doesn’t bother me. No one has ever accosted me while in a nudist community. Not even lewd looks passed around. I think being naked helps strip away pretenses. Just my two cents.

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    1. well thanks for the 2 cents.. i was so high i dont really remember writing this poem.. not my most intelligent post. i think i was trying to be funny. not sure

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  2. A lot more std’s too. Lol

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    1. hahaha ahh damn, probably 😣

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