There was a
Funeral reception
At the restaurant
Where I work.
The people wore black,
And they ate
And they drank
And they laughed.
I thought it
Was weird at first,
But when I really
Thought about it,
It kind of made
Me happy.

4 responses to “Death”

  1. I think a funeral/reception should celebrate the person’s life, not mourn it. When I go out, I want to be buried in my heels, with slut red lipstick on. I want AC/DC played at my funeral…Highway to Hell.
    Great post

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  2. thank you, and great comment to you. i agree completely. thank you for reading

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  3. Ever watch, “six feet under?” A little twisted, but maybe, you would enjoy it. Nice one tonight! 👏🏼👏🏼

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    1. I haven’t seen it, but im thanks for the recommendation… always need something else to watch! and thanks for reading

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