I asked a girl
Out yesterday,
But she said no.
She said she has
A boyfriend already.
So I said fuck
Your boyfriend,
Go out with me,
But she didn’t
Like that either
And she said no
I won’t do that.
So I asked if
We could hangout
Just as friends,
And she said no
To that as well.
So I went home
And I opened a
Beer, and I got
Drunk, and I
Thought, damn,
I need a boyfriend.

2 responses to “Boyfriend”

  1. Hehehe. Nice one. Where there is movement there is no inertia – no place for rot to grow. I feel like you have a big, bright future ahead full of shinny things as a poet of Instagram.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. very kind, thank you.


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