You don’t
Need a degree
To know how to love

7 responses to “Love”

  1. Nope, but you need a degree to know how to let go of someone. 😉 at least words of encouragement.

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    1. Miss just me..
      letting go maybe a little hard to do. When you really love someone.
      But you still don’t need a degree to walk away from toxic love …
      It just takes courage and strength

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      1. you’re right exoticnita54

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      2. Thanks for agreeing with me…

        It’s always so good to see eye to eye on a subject

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      3. You are very right. Cheers to Courage and Strength. 👏🏼😊

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  2. Whoa 😲.. that’s heavy and deep…

    Love ❤️ is just natural..
    an emotion that’s is life greatest joy.. when you love someone..

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