It’s funny,
That we’re all gonna die.
No matter how much
We all deny
That we’re gonna die.
The young and the old and the frail and the strong,
Each and every one of us believes that he or she – or I – can live forever…



Until they can’t.

Heart Disease,
Hit by a fucking truck.

There is no God,
Or Jesus,
Or Heaven.

No devil,
Or goat hooves,
Or hell.

Things just happen,
And we’re all gonna die.
Or tomorrow,
Or the next day.

And then it’s all over.

Which is why porn is great.
It takes your mind off things.

3 responses to “Erections”

  1. There is only trefology …

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  2. Porn is one if those things, sorta like magic in a way, we love it knowing all the time it’s fake, but like make who doesn’t enjoy a good disappearing act from time to time

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    1. haha well said


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